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1-15 Frederick Perls & Gestalt Therapy
1970. DVD. B/W
Two parts on one disk
Part 1 - 39:10 minutes,  Part 2 - 36:41 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

This series is a summary of the theory and practice of Gestalt Therapy by its founder Frederick Perls presented in a group setting.

In Part 1 Dr. Perls talks about the structure of neurosis from the Gestalt point of view and describes the five "layers"  of that structure as cliché behavior, role playing or manipulative behavior, the implosive layer, the explosive layer and then the goal of Gestalt therapy, the "actualizing" or authentic personality.  He also discusses "now and how" as legs on which Gestalt Therapy stands.

Part 2 of Frederick Perls and Gestalt Therapy is a moving demonstration of Perls’ actual techniques in practice with selected members of the group.  Perls discusses his dream theory and describes a dream as an existential message in which one’s existence is clarified.

Purchase:  $125
Item 1-15

7-1 Gestalt Dream Analysis
44 minutes
Frederick Perls

Gestalt Therapy founder Frederick Perls works with the dreams of several college students.

The dream has been defined by Freud as an attempt to fulfill a wish or desire, by Jung as a prophecy of the future, but Perls defines it as an existential message—a dramatization of the life situation in the here and now.

Perls encourages the students he is working with in this presentation to interpret their own dreams. Any interpretation by the therapist, he says, is a therapeutic mistake.

Purchase:  $198. 
Item 7-1

3-1  Journey into Self with Carl Rogers and Richard Farson 
1968. DVD. B/W
45:36 minutes                                 
Richard Farson, President
Western Behavioral Sciences Institute
Journey into Self is a classic film, winning the Best Feature Length Documentary awarded by the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, 1968.  It is a dramatic, moving documentary of an intensive basic encounter group of eight participants led by Carl Rogers and Richard Farson. Focusing on four of the group members, it contains highlights of the most emotional moments of their interaction.

Distinguished filmmaker Stanley Kramer introduces the film.

Purchase:  $125
Item 3-1  


1-29 Three Approaches to Group Therapy
Part 1 - Everett Shostrom (Actualizing Therapy)

1974. VHS. Color
38:24 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

Shostrom, an early innovator of group therapy, demonstrates the application of his system called Actualizing Therapy, as defined by his book of the same title, to the group process.  He is working with a newly formed group of some experienced and some inexperienced group members.  Shostrom, Albert Ellis and Harold Greenwald each spend about one and one-half hours on the same day, working with the same group, and each demonstration represents about one-half of that time.

Purchase:  $298
Sales Agreement required for purchase
Institutional purchase only
Item 1-29

1-30  Three Approaches to Group Therapy
Part 2 - Albert Ellis (Rational-Emotive Therapy)
1974. VHS. Color
39:24 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

Ellis, author of Reason and Emotion in Psychotherapy and an early innovator of group therapy, works with a newly formed group of experienced and inexperienced members using the Rational-Emotive concepts he developed. 

Purchase:  $298
Sales Agreement required for purchase
Institutional purchase only
Item 1-30

1-31 Three Approaches to Group Therapy 
Part 3 - Harold Greenwald (Decision Therapy)
1974. VHS. Color
38:04 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

The group experiences Greenwald's method called Decision Therapy, outlined in his book of the same title.  An early innovator of group therapy, Greenwald is working with the same newly formed group of some experienced, some inexperienced members as Shostrom in Part 1 and Ellis in Part 2, on the same day.

Greenwald, Shostrom and Ellis each spent about one and one-half hours on the same day working with the same group, and the videotape of each represents about one-half of the time spent.

Purchase:  $298
Sales Agreement required for purchase
Institutional purchase only
Item 1-31

Three Approaches to Group Psychotherapy
All three parts

Sales Agreement required for purchase
Institutional purchase only
Item  1-29, 1-30, 1-31

1-43 Transactional Analysis:  Group Therapy
with Muriel James
1981. VHS. Color
32:15 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

In this program, Muriel James applies the principles of Transactional Analysis to group therapy.
She enables a group of students to progress in examining their personal problems through transactional
techniques in a compelling demonstration. The two hour group session was edited to an half hour production.           

Purchase:  $125.
Item 1-43

2-1  Two Faces of Group Leadership
1975. VHS. Color
30:39 minutes
California State University, Fullerton

This program observes selected growth groups to capture the dynamics of the group process.
Skilled counselors under the direction of Marilyn Bates, Ph.D., apply group leadership techniques under real conditions. Starting with the pre-group interview and moving quickly through the various stages of group counseling, this video gives a clear view of the two basic functions which leaders use in all groups:  mobilizing and managing. This video is an excellent introduction to group therapy.

Purchase:  $150
Item 2-1

Understanding Group Psychotherapy
Irvin Yalom, M. D.
Volumes I, II and III - (Instructor's Version):

5-4 Volume I, Understanding Group Psychotherapy
Irvin Yalom, M. D.
Outpatients (Instructor's Version)
DVD.  Color
1 hour 40 minutes.  Two discs
Instructor's Version.  Includes Instructor's Manual
from Victor Yalom,

This video is a re-enactment of four group sessions of a time-limited mixed adult group led by Dr. Yalom with "behind the scenes" commentaries regarding his interventions. This re-enacted demonstration reveals what an effectively run group looks like.  It shows the kinds of interventions that keep the group dynamic on track and truly therapeutic.  Yalom is the author of the classic Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy.

Purchase:  $229                                                               

Item 5-4

5-5 Volume II, Understanding Group Psychotherapy, Irvin Yalom, M. D.
Inpatients (Instructor's Version)
DVD. Color
1 hour 40 minutes. Two discs
Instructor's Version. Includes Instructor's Manual
Victor Yalom, Psychotherapy.Net

This two-tape set portrays an entire session and is based on the model detailed in Yalom's text Inpatient Group Psychotherapy. The group session is presented in three segments: introduction, agenda setting and agenda filling. Yalom provides precise explanations for the structure and specific interventions. The highly structured format helps to contain rather than to escalate client anxiety, and Yalom provides clear step-by-step explanations on achieving that structure.

Purchase: $229.       

Item 5-5

5-6  Volume III, Understanding Group Psychotherapy, Irvin Yalom, M. D.
Interview (Instructor's Version)
DVD.  Color
40 minutes
Instructor's Version.  Includes Instructor's Manual
Victor Yalom,

In this companion to the group therapy demonstrations of Volumes 1 and 2, Yalom discusses group psychotherapy, his existential perspective and the healing factors of group work. His personal perspectives enrich our understanding of his innovative theories and practices, and we see how much the person of the therapist is the essential third ingredient to the therapeutic process.

Purchase:  $129.
Item 5-6

Purchase all three volumes
for $499, a savings of $88. 
Item 5-6-3

Early innovators of group psychotherapy are featured in these demonstrations.

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