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11-1 Carl Rogers and the Person Centered Approach 

2003. VHS or DVD. Color
65 minutes
by Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum
from Dr. Howard Kirschenbaum, Values Associates

Biographer Howard Kirschenbaum guides us through the life and legacy of one of the most influential psychotherapists of our time, Carl Ransom Rogers.  
This well crafted biographical video includes:

  more than 100 still photos

  filmed clips of Dr. Rogers demonstrating his Person-Centered Approach to counseling and psychotherapy and

  a demonstration of his approach to group therapy in a poignant clip from the academy award-winning Journey into Self, with insightful commentary by Dr. Kirschenbaum. (See description of Journey into Self under "Group Therapy Demonstrations" on this web site.

Purchase:  $125
Item 11-1

1-12 Defensive and Supportive Communication Climates
with Jack Gibb, Ph.D.
1980. VHS. Color
28 minutes
William Banks, Ph.D., Psychological & Educational Films

Dr. William Banks of the University of Louisville interviews Dr. Jack R. Gibb on his concept of Defensive Communication.  Dramatizations illustrate each of the principles of defensive and supportive behavior.  Dr. Gibb discusses his famous article on "Defensive Communication" which delineates factors in communication that lead to either defense arousal or to trust.  These opposing factors demonstrated on this videotape are

Communication                      Communication
Evaluation   . . . . . . . . . . . . Description
Control       . . . . . . . . . . . . Problem Orientation
Strategy     . . . . . . . . . . . . Spontaneity
Superiority  . . . . . . . . . . . .  Equality
Neutrality    . . . . . . . . . . . . Empathy
Certainty    . . . . . . . . . . . .  Provisionalism

The above factors are expanded into a general theory in Dr. Gibb's book entitled Trust:  A New View of Personal and Organizational Development, and his "trust theory" is integrated in his two other books entitled The Passionate Path and The Omicron Papers.
Purchase:  $125
Item 1-12

1-14 Frankl and the Search for Meaning
1973. VHS. Color
30:00 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

After three grim years at Auschwitz and other Nazi prisons, Frankl gained freedom only to learn that most of his family had been killed.  In the experience of such indescribable suffering and loss, Frankl, along with many of his companions, was still able to find meaning in each day of life. These experiences, as described in his book, Man's Search for Meaning, helped him to develop and refine his existential theory of psychology he called logotherapy.  Logotherapy, often referred to as the "third Viennese school of psychotherapy," focuses on the "will to meaning" as opposed to the "will to pleasure" (Freudian), or the "will to power" (Adlerian), Frankl says.

In this videotape we see Frankl talking about logotherapy in the current age where traditions and values are disappearing and where we are responsible for finding our unique meanings ourselves, as a society and as individuals.  His experience as a mountain climbing guide is a metaphor in this video for his experience as a logotherapist.
Purchase:  $125
Item 1-14

1-16 Humanistic Revolution:  Pioneers in Perspective 
1971. VHS.  B/W
Psychological & Educational Films
Psychology before Abraham Maslow was either psychoanalysis or behaviorism.  The persons you will see in this video are leaders of the "unnoticed revolution" in psychology called the third force of psychology. All of them have been touched by the mind of Maslow to whom we dedicate this video. The video begins with an interview with Maslow whose life and work stand as a foundation for humanistic psychology.  His insights helped to give meaning and direction to the work of other pioneers:
  • Gardner Murphy enumerates the four stages in the creative process:  Immersion, organization, inspiration and evaluation.
  • Carl Rogers talks about his contributions to psychology as a combination of the tough-minded scientist with the sensitive work of the therapist.
  • Rollo May describes his journey from being a psychoanalyst to becoming an existentialist or humanist.
  • Paul Tillich discusses the main point of the humanistic goal for man:  the Courage to Be.
  • Frederick Perls tells of the journey from deadness to aliveness which must be the journey for every humanistically oriented person.
  • Viktor Frankl speaks of Man's Search for Meaning which has had such a profound effect on American psychology.
  • Alan Watts talks of man's search for identity and gives new meanings to the term "unconscious". 

In conclusion, Maslow discusses his hopes for the future of self-actualization and humanistic psychology.

Purchase: $125
Item 1-16

1-17  Integrative Psychotherapy - A Six-Part Series
Part 1 - Issues in Integrative Psychotherapy
1989. VHS. Color
50:47 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films
In Part 1, five remarkable therapists, teachers, writers and innovative thinkers in the field -- Perry London, Ph.D., Gerald Davison, Ph.D., Paul Wachtel, Ph.D., Leslie Greenberg, Ph.D. and Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D. -- offer their views on integrative psychotherapy:  what it is, why it is moving  more into the mainstream, and what its strengths and limitations might be.

Purchase:  $198.                                           
Purchase all six parts for $891, a 25% discount

For descriptions of each of the therapists' demonstrations with the same client, see Psychotherapy Demonstrations, Integrative Psychotherapy.


5-8 Irvin Yalom:  Live Case Consultation
2005.  DVD.  Color
90:00 minutes
Instructor's Version.  Includes Training Manual
from Dr. Victor Yalom,

Three therapists with different levels of experience present the following cases to master clinician Dr. Irvin Yalom:
"Sue", a 50 year-old divorced woman struggling to find meaning in her life after a failed marriage and an empty nest."Paul", an artist with work inhibition, yearning for more in his life."Jeffrey", a group therapy patient seeking help to control angry outbursts in his marriage.Dr. Yalom responds to both the clinical issues and the therapists' reactions and counter-transference, always looking for opportunities to bring the focus into the here-and-now of the therapeutic relationship.  He highlights key existential themes, interweaving ideas from writers and philosophers who have influenced his thinking with clinical vignettes from his own practice.  An invaluable resource for professional development, training and teaching for therapists of all theoretical orientations.
Purchase:  $179
Item 5-8

1-25 Maslow & Self Actualization
1968. DVD. Color.
Two parts on one disc
Part 1 -  27:02 minutes
Part 2 -  26:58 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films

In this interview, Abraham Maslow, founder of the concept of Self-Actualization, discusses what he found when he set out to study psychological health rather than pathology in humans.  His study of a select group of exceptional people led to his theory of the actualized personality. 
In the first part we are privileged to hear Maslow describe the characteristics he found among his healthy subjects on the dimensions of honesty, humor, social awareness, efficient perception, freshness of appreciation, the peak experience and ethical awareness.

In the second part he talks about the dimensions of freedom, creativity, and trust, among others.
Purchase:  $125
Item 1-25

4-6 Plato's Cave
1974. VHS/DVD Color
20 minutes
From Pyramid Media
Produced by Art Gould

A live-action dramatic rendition of Plato's parable of Socrates' death taken from Book VII of "The Republic".
Purchase:  $79
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4-3 A Question of Ethics
VHS video. Color
24:00 minutes
by BC Production/Creative Youth Resources
from Pyramid Media

A high school senior learns a hard lesson about ethics and honesty when he decides to steal his best friend’s work and pass it off as his own. Its conclusion reinforces positive concepts of honesty, ethics and trust.

Purchase:  $149
(United States customers only)
Item  4-3

1-42 Touching, with Ashley Montagu              
1975. VHS video. Color
34:45 minutes
Psychological & Educational Films
Touching is necessary to human life. This is the thesis developed by famous sociologist and anthropologist Dr. Ashley Montagu in his book of the same title.  In this interview with Montagu, his key ideas are demonstrated in vignettes  which include a live birth of a human infant and the nursing process to illustrate the importance of early tactile experience. 

This video, winner of the 1978  American Journal of Nursing award, is a warm, moving and even humorous look at a topic most of us take for granted, the skin, and that wonderful sense we call touching.  A film not to miss!

Purchase:  $198
Item 1-42

4-4  Why Man Creates
VHS/DVD  Color
25 minutes
by Saul Bass
from Pyramid Media
This highly acclaimed, live action, Academy Award winner examines the creative process through a series of explorations, episodes and comments on creativity and innovation, and is liberally laced with humor, satire and illuminating truths.  Also available in Spanish.
Includes bar-coded leader’s guide.
(United States customers only)
Single site  $89
Multi site  $125
Item 4-4

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